Once installed you won’t do without it anymore

Create and move the sun where you like, add cinematic glow, add bokeh effect to the subject background and much more.. the most complete panel that winks at Wedding but is extraordinary on every occasion, from Landscapes to Portraits.


You don’t take a photograph, you make it

Correct the portrait with eyes always in focus, correct skin imperfections or give new light to hair, adjust lip color and reduce dark circles, In few moments you will get the incredible results that only an expert portrait photographer could achieve.


Creative power is nothing without control

Complete Workflow will be your companion from opening the picture with Photoshop onwards, drastically reducing your interaction with the structured Photoshop interface. This way you could always have your creative process under control.

Get Free Photoshop Actions Panel for Portraits

Outstanding Photoshop Actions 

Increase your creative power with our collection of Photoshop Actions. A series of new tools carefully designed to help the photographer express  all his creative ability
The Panels graphic layout and Actions are designed and developed in order to optimize the workflow and make it fluid and organized drastically
reducing your interaction with the structured Photoshop interface.

Photoshop Actions

Imagine your photos and be amazed by
unique emotional results

In a few moments you will get the incredible creative results that only an expert photographer in post-production could achieve. Create light rays and cinematic glow, correct the portrait with your eyes always in focus and a perfect complexion, resize your web photo to perfect resolution and much more. Our stunning actions can be fully customized to meet different photographic needs.

From now on, doing good work will be fun

Each Panel integrates our optimized workflow. The Actions Panel will be your companion from the opening of the picture in Photoshop onwards!
You can choose where to place it according to your needs: our graphical layout integrates perfectly with the photoshop system, making your job pleasant and not tiring.

Don’t waste time with Photoshop’s complex interface, editing your shot has never been easier.

Photoshop Actions

Choose the right panel for you or buy them all

Choose from our panels the one you think is best suited to your needs or listen to your creative instincts: buy them all