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Full Contrast (Essentials)

Wild Landscape (Beautiful Nature)

Janet (Bless The Beauty)

Dream Day (Two Soul Two Rings)

His Mom (New Born & Maternity)

Color Lips (Happiness Portraits)

Fine Art Photo Gift

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“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” (Ansel Adams)


Manarola, Italia (Beautiful Nature – Nice Landscape)



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Lightroom 5, 6, CC, Classic CC, Lr Mobile*

Photoshop CS6, CC, 2020

Specific Detail


These Free Lightroom and ACR Presets Pro collection  were made by professional photographers to give you a taste of the beauty and power of our creative tools. With these presets you can add a professional look to your photos with a click and save a lot of time in post-production.



Colors Lips – (Happiness Portraits Collection) Recovery on highlights, and very accentuated whites with a slight soft focus effect that balances the contrast and gives softness to the complexion. The colors are bright and dynamic. A lively preset suitable for achieving a beautiful appearance with beautiful lips

Don’t Cry – (New Born & Maternity Collection) A very balanced preset full of softness with neutral colors, light vignetting with closed blacks and delicately open shadows to give a little emphasis to this unforgettable moment.

Dream Day – (Two Soul Two Rings Collection) A preset with a decisive and dreamy character characterized by very open whites without much detail. The colors are saturated and rich in shades tending to red that enhance the warm tones of the image. In addition, the softness of the details on the halftones and on the faces combined with the glare on the highlights provide a romantic dreamy atmosphere

 Full Contrast – (Essentials Collection) A rendering of the image with a strong contrast and emphasized details. Blacks are full and the high lights protected; it is indicated to highlight the subject but with a lot of balance.

 HDR  Classic – (Beautiful Nature Collection) A must studied in detail to provide you with a professional result with a great balance and wide use. Extended dynamic range performance without ever exaggerating

His Mom – (New Born & Maternity Collection) Widespread softness of details with neutral and saturated colors, very open shadows and protected lights, weak vignetting and light matt effect for an elegant and balanced preset.

Janet – (Bless The Beauty Collection)Luminosità elevata ma alte luci protette, colori molto vivaci e tonalità calde ben bilanciate. Indicato per i ritratti un pò sottoesposti o semplicemente per dare più vitalità e “spazialità”  al tuo scatto

Nice Skin – (Happiness Portraits Collection) Decreased contrast and soft focus effect designed to decrease skin defects making it “soft”. Faces appear soft and the skin looks clean and delicate

 Punch Tonal – (Essentials Collection) Slightly contained contrast, open shadows with protected lights, the colors are very saturated and very lively with lots of detail. It is suitable to provide color and energy to photos that are a little subdued

Vogue Styles – (Bless The Beauty Collection) Neri molto profondi e bianchi protetti, il dettaglio e’ diminuito mentre aumenta la sensazione di trasparenza, un preset dallo stile incredibile  e dal fascino irresistibile, indicato anche per ritratti un po’ troppo luminosi e con poco carattere

White Dress – (Two Soul Two Rings Collection) This preset is ideal for highlighting the bride’s white dress while keeping bright colors and high detail on the lights and whites. Excellent control of the complexion

Wild Landscape – (Beautiful Nature Collection) Very wide dynamic range with recovery of highlights and open shadows. Increased sharpness with a pink split tone on the highlights and a green tinge on the shadows that provide a wild flavor